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Hi, my name is Ronald LaPorte, founder of Aries Vision Television, a platform dedicated to showcasing the stories and achievements of Black and Caribbean professionals in core engineering and technical roles. We believe diverse representation in media is vital, and with over 200 featured professionals and 1 million viewers, we're actively addressing the underrepresentation gap. Using streaming platforms like Roku allows viewers to conveniently access our inspiring content, from documentaries and interviews to panel discussions and workshops. We invite you to explore our platform and join us in empowering the next generation of tech leaders!

In 2019, amidst a media landscape painted in muted tones, I dared to dream in technicolor. I envisioned a platform where vibrant stories of the Haitian and Caribbean diaspora could dance across screens, voices long unheard could rise above the din, and communities, often relegated to the fringes, could finally see themselves reflected in full brilliance. Thus, Aries Vision Television was born – not just a network, but a promise whispered to the wind, a melody promising empowerment and belonging.

From shoestring budgets and pixelated dreams, I dared to build a digital stage where silenced voices could find their chorus. The airwaves hummed with news that informed, entertainment that sparked joy, and sports that mirrored triumphs. But Aries Vision Television was more than content; it was a mirror reflecting the faces of the underrepresented, a microphone amplifying their narratives.

I recall the story of Guithele Ruiz-Nicolas, a Haitian American woman News Magazine Host who once felt her dreams were out of reach. But when Aries Vision Television aired her first TV show Called "The GRN Show," showcasing the resilience of her community, she found her voice and a platform to inspire others. Today, she's a shining example of the impact our network can have.

Think cutting-edge equipment, a collaborative environment pulsating with energy, and mentorship from industry veterans. Imagine young videographers mastering their craft, budding filmmakers birthing their visions, and seasoned storytellers refining their voices. This isn't just about technology; it's about human connection, fostering a vibrant community where diverse narratives take flight.

The journey of Aries Vision Television is far from over. As it stands on the precipice of this exciting new chapter, the melody of hope grows louder. With the BrandStudio as its crescendo, Aries Vision Television promises a future where diversity paints the canvas, community thrives, and voices, once hushed, resound with the strength of a thousand untold stories.

Join the chorus. Embrace the melody. Invest in the future. Become a part of Aries Vision Television's legacy of empowerment, one pixel at a time.

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